About Us


Many women have a story to tell and we’re here to listen. We use the power of storytelling data to make cities safer for women. With your help, we can compile data on the what, when and where of gender-based violence. This information is able to pass on to people in positions of power, who can make tangible change in the gender inequality space. Until now there hasn’t been a centralised hub of experiences with gender inequality, and that has made it hard to act. We’ve changed that, so we can all work to end gender-based violence.


Our Journey


It all started when we realised that women’s voices are too powerful to go unheard for one moment longer.

More than 80% of sexual assaults are not reported to authorities. When we speak to urban designers, government, universities and other decision-makers, they tell us that the majority of their data comes from crime statistics.

They're not hearing the full story.

This may have gone unchecked before, but not anymore. There is now a global imperative to address sexual assault and gender-based violence in every industry. But there is a data gap, and our decision-makers don't understand the problem enough to begin solving it properly.

Women tell their stories for two main reasons:

1. To help other women feel less alone

2. To be a part of something bigger than themselves

We saw this last year when half a million women shared their stories of sexual assault in the first 24 hours of the #metoo movement.

But none of these stories were used for data that can once and for all communicate to our decision makers the depth and breadth of this issue.

She's A Crowd is changing this.

Every single story is contributing to our goal of ending gender-based violence. We’d love to hear from you, too.