Can I use She’s A Crowd if I am in immediate danger? +

No. If you are in immediate danger please call your local emergency services number or the global emergency number 112. She’s A Crowd is unable to provide assistance in an emergency, so if your safety is at risk please contact emergency services on 112.

Why share your story? +

This can be an important step in processing your experience, or finding closure. We want to bring sexual violence out from the shadows and start talking about it. Your story will help us compile data about gendered violence that we can pass on to help people in power address gender inequality.

Does She’s A Crowd replace existing services? +

No. She’s A Crowd is a platform for you to share your story in a meaningful way. It often acts as the starting point for you to seek help and feel less alone in your experiences. We recommend that if you are triggered by the experience of sharing your story, you contact 1800 RESPECT (national helpline), the Sexual Assault Crisis Line on 1800 806 292 (Victoria only) or your local Centre Against Sexual Assault service.

Does She’s A Crowd replace existing reporting mechanisms? +

She’s A Crowd is an alternative to reporting mechanisms, not a replacement. We know lots of people do not want to report their experiences to the police, for varied and complex reasons. But that doesn’t mean you don’t want your story recorded somewhere, to help other women in the future. She’s A Crowd allows you to share your story to help decision makers address the issue into the future, without you having to go through traditional reporting processes. Once you have shared on She’s A Crowd, you may feel like reporting it to the police or another authority (ie. Human resources at your workplace, or your university). We encourage you to do what feels right for you.

Who can use She’s A Crowd? +

Everyone can use She’s A Crowd. And all stories are completely anonymous. We are concerned mainly with violence that affects women and the LGBTIQ+ community, but we are open for everyone to share their stories.

Do I have to be a woman to share my story? +

Not at all. Let’s be honest. Gender is complex. And personal. We welcome stories from everyone of every gender. Our site is just skewed towards women in recognition that they are overrepresented as victims of sexual and gendered violence. But we’re all a crowd. Everyone’s experience is valid and we’re not here to police that. Whether you have one gender, multiple or none, your story is valid and we want to hear it.

Does She’s A Crowd know who I am? +

No, we do not link your story with identifiable information about you. We will not email you, unless you give permission. You don’t even have to put your real name in. We want to make sure you can remain as anonymous as you like.

Does She’s A Crowd know who my perpetrator is? +

No, we do not wish to identify perpetrators by name. Please do not include the name, or any identifying information about your perpetrator. If necessary, use a fake name. If you do wish to report an incident in order to hold your perpetrator to account, please report this to the police or your workplace/university/school. We exist to help prevent gendered violence, not as an avenue for seeking justice.

What happens to my data? +

She’s A Crowd collects stories from our storytelling platform and other open source data platforms. We anonymise your data and use it to inform decision makers about gender-based violence and advocate for. This means your story will be used in conjunction with many other stories to help people in power understand when, where, how, to whom and by who violence occurs. Your story will always be kept anonymous.

Where does the data come from? +

We collect data through our interactive storytelling platform, through other open source storytelling platforms around the world, and through census and other existing data sources. This allows us to gather thousands of data points and aggregate them spatially.

Is She's A Crowd a social enterprise?

Yes, we are! This means we exist, first and foremost, to solve a social problem. We exist to serve you: our users. We want to make sure you have an avenue to share your story, and that story is used to address the problem at its root cause. We run projects with decision-makers (such as local government and urban planners) to help them design cities and policies with women and diverse groups in mind. At the moment, this helps us pay the bills. This means we will rely less and less on charity and more on the genuine investment from decision-makers to understand and address gender-based violence into the future.

Will She’s A Crowd be available in different languages? +

We are testing She’s A Crowd in English at the moment. Once we have tested the tool, we will be expanding our languages offered in order to ensure we are accessible for as many people as possible.

Where can I use She’s A Crowd from? +

You can use She’s A Crowd from anywhere in the world.

When can I use it? +

It’s available now to use. Please share your story, and then tell us what you thought of the experience. We’d love to hear your thoughts.