How Does She’s A Crowd Work?

When you share your story with She’s A Crowd, we use it to work toward the end of gender-based violence.

Once you have shared your story, it is put into a secure database.

From there, based on the questions you answered and the additional information you shared, we analyse the story, and take note of any similarities or differences it has, as compared to other shared stories. This is important, as it helps us understand both the micro and macro levels of gender-based violence: how it looks at an individual, and systemic level.

This information is then securely and anonymously shared with policy and change makers who have the power to make our world safer for women, but who may not have all the information on the problem itself.

She’s A Crowd has a global dataset, but within it, there are many sections relevant to specific locations and communities.

City councils, organisations, businesses and educational facilities are able to request their own, specific dataset be created for the members of their community.

When these datasets are created, not only do they inform the wider dataset, but they allow for a specific and localised understanding of potential dangers for women. For example, University X may work with She’s A Crowd, and encourage their students to share their experiences on campus. With this kind of information, University X is able to be aware of issues they previously may not have known existed, and then act upon them.

An example scenario: several female and non-binary students share their experiences at University X, reporting that they have been made to feel unsafe walking from their last class to the train station after dark. Once aware of this, University X is able to implement preventative measures such as placing a patrolling security officer in place at dark, or making paths out of University X more brightly lit.

If you are represent a council, organisation, business or educational facility which would like a specific dataset to make your space safer for women, you can contact us here.