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The Power of Data For Good

My own experiences of gender-based violence always left me feeling as if nobody understood what I had gone through because it didn’t align with the public narrative of violence against women. These things rarely do. I have dedicated my life to ensuring no one goes what I went through, but in order to do this, we have to work to help others understand the complex ways the problem presents itself and manifests in society.

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She's A Crowd Listed Number 7 on the Smart 30 List

This year’s SmartCompany Smart 30 Under 30 list celebrates young Australian entrepreneurs who are changing the very notion of what it means to build successful businesses in Australia today.

Previously called the Hot 30 Under 30, the annual Smart 30 Under 30 list showcases some of the country’s brightest business operators who have achieved incredible feats in the past 12 months, and who are making serious waves in their respective industries


I started a company from my van, and now it’s in a documentary

When women share our stories of gender-based violence and sexual assault, we too become extremely vulnerable. This is because we are often not taken seriously. This is because we have often had experiences that led us to mistrust the world. This is because, for many women, our ethnicity, age, ability, sexuality, gender identity, occupation or previous behaviour means that we will be blamed for the incident, rather than believed.